ZARGES Solutions for every hospital area

The complete ZARGES hospital system
ZARGES medical solutions help to ensure a smooth supply of materials in the healthcare sector and play a critical role in ensuring quality.

The optimized supply chain.

An efficient supply chain is the basis for productive and transparent logistics. ZARGES products support an integrated flow of materials from requisition through to the point of consumption.

ZARGES medical carts

In the healthcare sector, the requirements placed on nursing carts, ward carts and ward carts for notes are manifold. So that you are optimally equipped for every field of application, ZARGES modular nursing and organisation carts can be tailored precisely to your individual wishes and requirements. ZARGES medical carts are a modular system comprised of just a few basic components, allowing for a wide variety of options which you can configure to your specific needs and requirements with regards to both design and functionality. And thanks to their unlimited mobility, all ZARGES medical carts can be deployed very flexibly – as medication carts, dressing carts or mobile computer workstations.

ZARGES storage carts

Multifunctional storage carts from ZARGES provide for the protected, safe and hygienic storage and rational transport of laundry, medication, recyclables, waste and many other items. For hospitals, clinics, laundries, industry, the catering trade and public authorities.

ZARGES utility carts

Wherever you need to store or transport laundry, medication, expendable and durable goods safely and hygienically: a ZARGES utility cart is the perfect solution. This multifunctional cart is used in clinics, laundries, industry, the catering trade and public authorities.

ZARGES cabinet systems

With the complete ZARGES storage system, medical expendables and pharmacy goods are stored optimally and in compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements, but are always at hand when required.

ZARGES healthcare shelving

The ZARGES shelving system comes into its own where orderly and safe storage of material is of the essence. Not only does it have a stable outer frame, its interior fittings can be adapted flexibly to suit your individual requirements. The modular design means that all components can be combined with the other ZARGES systems, which improves efficiency in supply and storage logistics.

ZARGES ISO modules

Standard ISO baskets and modules for protected, organized storage and safe packaging and transport for health care industry. Made from ABS or clear polycarbonate, all modules are interchangeable with other ZARGES modular medical equipment.