About Us

Who Are We?

ZARGES German HQBased in Weilheim, Germany near Munich, ZARGES has offered superior products to various industries for over 85 years, including: healthcare, aviation & defense, industry & trade, expeditions & leisure.

Through engineering expertise, three manufacturing facilities in Europe and over 800 team members world-wide, ZARGES provides the highest caliber products in every industry we serve.

The ZARGES Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina serves the North American market with custom engineered solutions, rapid fabrication, local support, and same-day order fulfillment of stock items.

All ZARGES manufacturing facilities, and the Zarges Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Improved Patient Care is our Goal

ZARGES USA Medical taking care of patientsFor over 50 years ZARGES has been an integral part of health care logistics, providing solutions for: organization, storage, transport and disposal of supplies & goods.

With a coordinated system of modules, cabinets and shelving, the ZARGES modular system optimizes the supply chain and reduces costs. By maintaining optimal inventory levels and efficient retrieval systems, health care professionals can focus on patient care instead of searching for needed supplies.