Hazardous Goods Transport

ZARGES hazardous goods containers meet a wide range of requirements.

ZARGES Biohazard Safety

Strict safety regulations are laid down by law for the packaging and transport of hazardous goods. Hazardous goods may only be transported in packaging that meets these criteria and is approved by the relevant authorities. ZARGES has many decades of experience with UN-approved containments made from aluminum.

ZARGES K470 UN3291
ZARGES BAM certificate

BAM certificate of approval

ZARGES Product testing
In its capacity as a test and inspection agency, ZARGES is authorized and able to test hazardous goods packaging and to apply for type approvals.

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Solution covered by existing approval

Wide selection of existing UN approvals

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ZARGES hazardous goods approval


Development of a special solution

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The ZARGES product range

In most cases, the wide range of standard products will offer a variety of solutions which meet the most exacting requirements. Here are some of the products in the ZARGES family that can be certified for hazardous goods transport:

ZARGES waste cart

ZARGES UN3291 reusable transport container

Hazardous goods containers for potentially contagious material of Category 6.2.

ZARGES waste cart
ZARGES hazardous goods containers are approved as composite packaging for the transport of potentially contagious substances in accordance with UN numbers 2814 and 2900, Category A and B, with any transport operator.

The containers have passed stringent tests, such as a drop test from a height of 9 meters (approx. 30 feet). All sizes in the K470 series can be used for the transport of UN number 3373. Dry ice or other coolants can be used for thermally controlled transport.

ZARGES W105 41852 with UN 3291

Storage Cart with UN approval for the use of UN 3291

Contaminated surgical instruments are transported between hospital and service company for disinfection and preparation. Due to the risk of infection, these objects are defined as hazardous goods of class UN 3291, clinical waste.

ZARGES SKU 43831 bag with slide-type seal

Bag with slide-type seal

  • With easy-to-operate slide-type seal for quick and simple opening and closing.
  • Mandatory for infectious substances which must be packed in accordance with transport regulations P620 or P650.
  • Material: PE, thickness 100 µm.
  • SKU 43831

K470 with approval for Category 6.2

  • For substances with UN numbers 2814 and 2900.
  • Container has passed stringent tests, including a drop test from a height of 9 meters.
  • SKU 342856
ZARGES insulating container SKU 46595

Insulating container

  • Compatible with K470 with inside dimensions L × W × H 13.8″ × 9.8″ × 12.2″.
  • For temperature-controlled transport.
  • SKU 46595