Medical Cabinets

ZARGES Cabinet Systems

ZARGES medical cabinet systems.

Ideal solutions for an ergonomic work process

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  1. Support systems – such as support walls, telescopic rails and multifunction insert rails allow easy access.
  2. Cabinet accessories – a well thought-out cabinet system comprises a wide range of accessories, e.g. holders for catheter storage, wire mesh compartments, notched rails for telescopic drawers, recyclables collection bin, shelf compartments.
  3. Cabinet units – The modular ZARGES cabinet system can be put together by combining individual cabinet units, e. g tall cabinet, lower cabinet, wall cabinet and top cabinet.
  4. Material/surface – ZARGES offers a wide variety of materials and surfaces for individual applications.
  5. Modules and modular baskets – ZARGES offers a complete range of ISO modules and modular baskets and their accessories.


Suggested configurations


Planning, coordination, processing and execution for operational and nursing areas

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  • Spatial planning
    We calculate the exact storage capacity needed on the basis of consumption analyses and design the storage facilities to meet the requirements with regard to hygiene and ergonomics.
  • Costing
    Taking into account the existing storage capacities and all logistics processes, we determine and calculate the actual storage media requirements, both with regard to quantities and cost, and submit them for approval.
  • Drafting and design
    All materials and the design are individually coordinated and tailored to the requirements of your facility on the basis of the specific logistics processes there. Where there are special requirements (fire protection, radiation protection etc.), we will find corresponding solutions while still ensuring optimised logistics planning.
  • Schedule
    We supervise the conversion measures and on request, coordinate the technical processes.
  • Full equipment
    If desired, we can not only supply the logistics equipment, but also design the entire working area in accordance with ergonomic principles.
  • Service
    Thanks to our network of specialist dealers and partners, we are in a position to carry out all structural measures flexibly and in a timely manner. In the case of projects, delivery is completed to agreed deadlines.


ZARGES Height Units grid

The ZARGES ISO modular cabinets are subdivided into height units (HE). 1 HE = 6.1 in. [154 mm]. These height units refer to the height of the cabinet body itself, while for floor-standing furniture, 3.9 in. must be added for the pedestal. The ZARGES height units enable you to put together individual configurations of standard cabinets to comply with the specific requirements of the user.


  • Individual cabinet configurations using the “ZARGES grid”.
  • Reliable planning of the cabinet body heights.


  • 1 HE = max. 3.9 in. [100mm] modular basket height
  • 2 HE = max. 7.9 in. [200mm] modular basket height
  • 3 HE = safes for anesthetics (BTMs)
  • 4 HE = fitted medication freezer
  • 5 HE = fitted medication refrigerator
  • 9 HE = catheter racks for upright storage of catheters
  • 11 HE = catheter drawer for suspended catheter storage

ZARGES drawer heights