Medical Cabinets

ZARGES Cabinet Systems

ZARGES medical cabinet systems.

Ideal solutions for an ergonomic work process

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  1. Support systems – such as support walls, telescopic rails and multifunction insert rails allow easy access.
  2. Cabinet accessories – a well thought-out cabinet system comprises a wide range of accessories, e.g. holders for catheter storage, wire mesh compartments, notched rails for telescopic drawers, recyclables collection bin, shelf compartments.
  3. Cabinet units – The modular ZARGES cabinet system can be put together by combining individual cabinet units, e. g tall cabinet, lower cabinet, wall cabinet and top cabinet.
  4. Material/surface – ZARGES offers a wide variety of materials and surfaces for individual applications.
  5. Modules and modular baskets – ZARGES offers a complete range of ISO modules and modular baskets and their accessories.