Planning Services

We offer expert planning services tailored to your exact requirements.

Advice on how to improve efficiency

Strategic planning and consistent implementation of ZARGES Logistics concepts boost efficiency in the healthcare sector, helping to reduce costs. We offer a comprehensive modular system and corresponding services for optimum implementation. Our many years of experience in the healthcare sector give us and you the necessary basis for success.

Your advantages with our consultancy service

  • All elements dovetail perfectly, costs are cut, profits rise and efficiency is boosted.
  • Everyone benefits – patients, staff and the healthcare facilities.
  • Practical hardware systems are an essential factor in logistics. But well thought-out and optimized processes are just as important.

Our range of services comprises the following:

  • Storage areas Planning and support during conversion to the ZARGES modular system.
  • Transport planning Optimization of transport processes and adjustment of the supply frequency.
  • Nursing and operational areas Planning and commissioning of the ZARGES modular supply systems.


Examination of the existing structures and assessment of your needs

  • Structure analysis A rough analysis is performed in order to ascertain exactly where supply structures can be improved. The existing structures are mapped, examined and displayed. Then the potential for optimization is located and pinpointed, taking into consideration existing processes in your company.
  • Needs analysis The existing storage and transport methods are defined and examined.
  • Optimization approaches The objective of the structure analysis is to define the best way to minimize your operating costs and optimize internal processes.


Planning and optimization of existing storage and transport capacities

Taking into consideration existing storage and transport methods, we determine and calculate the actual requirements, both with regard to quantities and cost.

  • Spatial planning We calculate the exact storage capacity needed on the basis of consumption analyses, and redesign your storage facilities to meet requirements with regard to hygiene and ergonomics. We also optimize the interfaces between operations, logistics and office organization to ensure seamless transitions.
  • Drafting and design On the basis of logistical standards, we plan facilities which are tailored to the specific requirements of your company in both materials and design.
  • Schedule We help you to coordinate and monitor all technical processes and deadlines.


Support during integration

  • Commissioning We assist you during implementation and provide in-depth support for employees during the introductory phase and beyond.
  • Employee training All employees involved receive comprehensive training on handling the new supply structures.


We never lose sight of your project. We are still there for you when it’s all wrapped up.

  • Support After conclusion of the project, we can provide regular monitoring of the attainment of your goals, if desired, and, if necessary, adjustment and correction of these goals.