W171 Transport Cart with Flap

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  • Sturdy, generously dimensioned edge and base profile sections, high-strength positive locking ensures permanent bonding to jacket and base metal.
  • End and side walls reinforced with peripheral beading and corner beads.
  • One long side with folds down half-way for more convenient loading and unloading.
  • Container cut-out with profile-section surround; profile-section joints continuously welded.
  • Flap with bolt holder and moving holding hinges.
  • Chassis: two swivel and two fixed casters, corner-mounted, 4.9 in. diameter, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking,” roller bearings, thread guards.

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SKU External L” x W” x H” Internal L” x W” x H” Volume ft3 Lbs.
40633 37.4 × 21.7 × 38.6 35.4 × 19.7 × 30.7 12.4 44.1
40674 51.2 × 29.5 × 55.1 49.2 × 27.6 × 47.2 37.1 72.8
All dimensions approximate.
Hinged lid for W171. SKU 40559+40675

Hinged lid with belt strap and two snap fasteners.
SKU 40559 fits SKU 40633
SKU 40675 fits SKU 40674


Tow bar with coupling Folds upwards. Firmly Attached towing device.

Chassis / Casters ∅4.9 in., 1.6 in. wide. / ∅6.3 in., 1.6 in. wide. / ∅7.9 in., 2.0 in. wide. On request, also available in stainless steel for container wash-down facilities.

Center Pivot ∅1.6 in. For lift-tilt device.

Brake for swivel casters.

Ergonomic handle Made from anodized aluminum section.

Peripheral fender frame Plastic-padded.