Operating Room Laundry Cart

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  • Aluminum cupboard cart, anodized, for transporting sterile fresh-laundry packs and dirty laundry.
  • Smooth interior, no inaccessible areas – easy to clean.
  • Two additional shelves, both can be folded down towards the front.
  • Ergonomically shaped, anodized aluminum handle, on swivel caster side.
  • Chassis: two swivel and two fixed casters, corner-mounted, 3.9 in. diameter, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking,” with thread guards.
  • Also suitable for container wash-down facilities if suitable special running-gear casters are used.

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SKU External L” x W” x H” Internal L” x W” x H” Volume ft3 Lbs.
41864 38.4 × 21.7 × 65.2 32.9 × 18.5 × 55.7 19.6 138.9
All dimensions approximate.
cart top

Cart top equipped with a front fender as standard, fender can be added at the back if required. Suitable for transport by truck.

peripheral door seal

Peripheral seal goes between the body and the door leaves, is suitable for cleaning in wash-down facilities, and provides protection against dust.

sliding handle

Sliding handle made from ergonomically shaped aluminum profile.

under body

Under body made completely from aluminum, corrosion-resistant.

door lock

Door lock ergonomically shaped. Can be fitted with a lead seal, easy-to-operate lever with locks at the top and bottom ensures reliable closing, suitable for transport by truck.


Fender with abrasion- and disinfectant-resistant plastic padding, easy to replace.


Wheels two swivel and two fixed casters, corner-mounted, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking,” roller bearings, thread guards.

smooth interior

Smooth interior inside dimensions correspond to clearance dimension. Easy to clean.

additional shelves

Additional shelves firmly attached yet removable. For universal applications.

insert levels

Insert levels for ZARGES ISO-STANDARD modules. ABS support rails ensure that the modules slide easily.

folding shelves

Additional shelves can be folded. Suitable for the transportation of waste and laundry.

fixed shelf compartments

Fixed shelf compartments for universal applications.

practical support

Practical support systems from the ZARGES modular equipment range. Support wall, shelf compartment, insert rails, variable- and fixed-installation telescopic rails.

notched rails

Additional shelves height-adjustable by means of notched rails. Suitable for various packaging sizes.

color labeling

Color labeling for individualization.

top fenders

Top fenders at the rear and reinforced corners for protection of the cart body during transport by truck.

lock attachment

Lock attachment.

draw bar

Draw bar and coupling for linking and moving carts in trains. For facility-wide transport (up to five carts).

label frame

Label frame in various sizes. Simple holder for removable labels.

special casters

Special casters for various applications.